All measure SLUR

• Jul 4, 2020 - 02:27

Measures 1 & 2 in the attached PDF shows slurs, hand-drawn in red, that encompass all notes in both staves within each measure. Despite following the instructions contained in the Musescore handbook I have been unable to emulate the slurs which are included in an original score.

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How-2-Slur.pdf 1.11 MB
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Select the first measure (left hand) press S;
Click the slur;
Via Inspector disable automatic placement;
Double click the slur use the handles.


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How-2Bis.mscz 11.13 KB

BTW, you may want to read about "cross staff notation" in the Handbook, it's an easier way to get the sort of thing you see here where a single melodic line goes back and forth between the staves.

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