Playing Musescore messes up my audio!!!!

• Jul 4, 2020 - 10:28

Sometime when I play a score my right channel has VERY LOUD static. Even If i restart the program it still persists. In addition, any other audio outputs from my computer have the same static - Spotify, Youtube, hell even when windows pop ups open that little dang beep is static in my right ear.

I can only fix it by restarting my whole computer. I can't find anyone with this same problem.


I'm having the same issue. It never happens while I've been using MuseScore for a while, the issue always happen as soon as the program starts (although not every time) and it messes audio for everything. I also can only fix it by rebooting.

Reverting to factory settings did not help, nor did uninstalling MuseScore, but even before I did so, I had close to none tweaked settings, it's a very recent installation.

I've never seen any issue like this with any other programs.

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Probably there is some conflict with some other audio software or device driver on your system. Try different settings in Edit / Preferences / I/O (every system has different options so I can't guess which specifically to try on yours). If no success, go back to whatever the default is, then try shutting down and/or uninstalling other audio programs until you find where the conflict is.

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I don't really have any other audio software running, I can tell this safely because of the rebooting, I was sure nothing else was running.

I also managed to pinpoint the issue a little further: it always happens on the second time MuseScore is ran since boot, i. e. for this to happen I must boot, run MuseScore, use it as needed, close it, wait for the process to actually terminate and it doesn't matter if I run it again immediately or after an hour, as soon as I run it again the issue will happen.

Concerning I/O, I'm on Windows 10, but here is a screenshot of my settings (sorry it's in Portuguese):

Captura de Tela (138).png

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