3.5 Format/Style/Chord Symbols/Maximum Shift Above or Below

• Jul 4, 2020 - 15:30

In experimenting with this new feature, I couldn't help but notice it effects ALL chord symbols in a score which wasn't clear in Marc's MuseScore Cafe 3.5 Beta video because there were no chord symbols on other systems in the example demonstrated.

While I can see some benefit to a global change, is there or will there be any way to implement the "shift" in just a range of chord symbols other than manually?

I have scores where a shifting may be only desirable on certain measures, versus the entire score. In one I am thinking about there is a long slur over several measures above the measures effected. In default settings with Automatic Placement, the chord symbols follow the curve of the slur. In this case, having the chords symbols all even above the tie just looks better IMHO.

The fix I use to achieve the "visual" aspect of aligned Chord Symbols is to select the range of Chord Symbols, turn off Automatic Placement and adjust the Y Placement. It works but doesn't have the added benefit of automatically adjusting the symbol placement if notes move upward like happens with the adjustment of "Maximum Shift Above" in the Style Settings.

Am I missing something?


No, it's meant to be automatic, and hence affect all chords (or at least, all on a given staff, and also above & below separately - in the beta there are bugs with this that should,d be fixed for release).

If you only want to align a handful of chords, that simply to do manually, just select them and use the Inspector or cursor keys to set an appropriate offset. No need to turn off autoplace, in fact it is detrimental to do so - that's why they stop adjusting further.

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