Multi Measure rests,

• Jul 5, 2020 - 07:04

So I create my measure rests . FORMAT, STYLE, SCORE, TICK MULTI MEASURE RESTS. Lets call it 8 measures of rest. Then I want to continue on and notate music but when I load new measures they are affected by the Multi Measure rest style also. If I Untick mult measure rests all multi rest disappear. I just want my 8 rests then be able to add normal measures and move on.
Thanks in advance.
Kind Regards


To be clear: multimeasure rests are meant to be complete automatic, you don't create them one by one. Simply enter all your music, then when you are done, press "M" and all the adjacent empty measures get turned into multimeasure rests all at once. So it's something only need to do once. Actually, normally, you don't need to do it at all - normally you'd be entering music into a full score, which never use multimeasure rests - and then generating your part from that. And when you do that, the multimeasure rests are enabled automatically. Only if you are entering a part individually without the full score would ever need to explicitly enable them, and and again, just do it once when you are done entering notes.

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