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• Jul 8, 2020 - 21:16

Please tell me how to turn "VOICES" off. Checked the "Users Manual" and can't seem to find how to disable this feather. Have read the Users Manual, and this topic doesn't seem to be covered, although I understand how to use a second voice (i.e., note-stems point down, in green, where as first voice displays in blue). I really don't need this feature right now for what I am doing, and somehow turned the feature on.

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You can't disable voices. Every note has to belong to a voice. The first voice to use is voice 1. Your picture shows the voice 1 button pressed. Every note you enter will therefore belong to voice 1. When you are entering notes one of those buttons must be pressed, otherwise there is no voice for the notes you are entering to belong to.

If your music has rhythmically independent themes, that is when you need to use a second voice. By rhythmically independent I mean that you have a first theme and a second theme that play at the same time but the themes have different rhythms so that notes start and end at different times in the different themes.

You would start by entering one theme in voice 1 and then enter the second theme in voice 2. If you have a third theme it would go in voice 3 etc. If you only have a single theme you only need a single voice, but you do need that single voice.

"Turning off" voices is like trying to turn off pages in a word processor.

Perhaps I don't understand correctly, but, when you open MuseScore, the "option" VOICES is not used, if you don't click on 2 or 3 or 4 where you speak, all notes you enter are in voice 1, if you want a 2nd note with a note already written , enter it, both notes will be in voice 1, and you can enter 10 notes at the same place if you want, without using voices......BUT, if you want a note gets a different lengh of the others........not possible without using VOICES. The first exemple is CHORDS

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