Any plan to directly provide APK file of the "MuseScore: view and play sheet music" app for Android?

• Jul 9, 2020 - 14:04


I see that you have an app called "MuseScore: view and play sheet music" (aka Player Lite) available in Google Play store. Do you have any plan to provide the APK file directly in your website, exactly like WhatsApp is doing. I see that you have already provided AppImage for Linux. I think it's possible for you to provide the APK without much effort. Well, I hope so.

Actually, the world is changing. There are many Android devices out there which don't use Google Play. My friends and I have several Huawei tablets which don't have Google Play any more. We would use "Huawei App Store" and Aptoide to download apps. Speaking of which, I think you should upload your APK file to Aptoide to insure the authenticity because others have already uploaded for you.



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