Keyboard display

• Jul 10, 2020 - 16:44

Has any thought been given to the display of fingerings on the piano keyboard? Secondly, why does C4 not appear at the center of the keyboard when it is loaded to the screen?



Interesting though about fingerings, but how would you propose that information be determined? Maybe you just mean, when playing back a score that already contains them? The keyboard was originally meant more for entering notes than seeing them, so it's more optimized for that usage, but it's nice it can also be used for other purposes.

As far as I know, the full piano keyboard should fit on your screen if your system meets the minimum resolution requirements. So C4 will be positioned where it normally would be.

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I've been using Musescore to teach intermediate students online for the better part of a year. As you probably already know, teaching online using an overhead camera is visually ineffective. Use of the embedded Musescore keyboard, however, eliminates that particular visual challenge. As you know when it comes to actual instruction one can highlight the notes appearing in a given phrase and the student can see precisely what notes are to be played. The only challenge is that visually they have to visually bounce back and forth between the score and the keyboard. If the fingerings I have notated were to appear on the keys themselves, that problem would immediately disappear.

Appreciate the insight regarding the keyboard's placement. I guess I just need to buy a larger screen.

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