dotted double bar repeat prior to first and second endings

• Jul 11, 2020 - 07:20

-first four bars with dotted double bar for 2 repeats
-set 4th measure properties to 2
-only plays second ending

-set 4th measure properties to 1
-1st and 2nd ending play correctly

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That repeat doesn't have a 1st ending, but there is a 1st volta somewhere in the middle.
As far as I can tell from that image... looking at the real score would be much more helpful

From what we can see, there are no start repeats in your score, meaning that all end repeats happen relative to the start of the score.
Which means that 1-4 are playthrough 1; then the normal repeat kicks in and you're now starting from m1 again on playthrough 2, which is still the valid playbackcount when you reach your volta1. So it indeed is skipped.
Make them volta 2 and volta 3 and all will work as written.

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