Isomorphic notation system support?

• Jul 11, 2020 - 19:50

I've been messing around with my Chromatone keyboard, and was wondering if musescore supported any isomorphic/janko-friendly notation systems. Apparently there are a bunch of them (see ); here's an example of the Express Stave notation that someone apparently made in Finale:…

I'm guessing something like this would have to be meticulously hand-crafted note-by-note, but I'd be delighted to find out I'm wrong!


It has no built-in support for such notation.
You might use a number of workarounds (possibly can be turned into a plugin) to create some of those notations though. Workarounds might include; fix-to-line of a note, changing noteheads of all notes with a given pitch. Using fixed staff spacers to force top/bottom staves and/or adding multiple staves to the instrument to more easily create the gaps where desired..

I don't see anything that wouldn't be achievable currently; but I also wouldn't like to be the one having to go through the workaround effort (especially if you can't first enter it all in standard notation).

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