"Pre-stacked" and Individually Stacked Articulations

• Jul 11, 2020 - 20:56

I've come across a lot of concert music where there is more than one articulation on a note (Ex. staccato and tenuto, legato and accent). MuseScore's advanced articulations palette does offer most of these stacked articulations but: a) "pre-stacked" articulations look vastly different from individually stacked (Ex. add staccato then a tenuto; see attached image, note #1) b) playback for individually stacked articulations follows that of the last articulation (Ex. if added staccato then tenuto, playback will play as a tenuto).
I understand there's actual names for these combined articulations but I think most people just view them as multiple articulations that hold a combined effect. Perhaps improvements can be made so that individually stacked articulations and "pre-stacked" articulations look the same and sound the same.
On a side note, the accent seems to sometimes be a bit too far from the notehead due to autoplacement. See attached image; notes #7 and #8 have disabled autoplacement. Maybe I'm just used to seeing articulations closer to the notes.


The combined articulations are, I think, only in the Bravura font, so if you are using a different font for your music, you will see the "native" accent when using it standalone but the Bravura version when combined. So the easiest way to ensure consistency is to use Bravura as your music font, via Format / Style / Score.

As for placement, the rule being followed here is that accents should be clear of the staff, by disabling autoplace you are allowing that rule to be broken.

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