We should copy all pedals.

• Jul 15, 2020 - 00:46

We should be able to copy pedal lines INDIVIDUALLY like every thing else, no matter the size. It is very annoying duplicating and picking from the palletes. Y'all should fix this ASAP. Thanks in advance. Also, for clearing continue text for these pedal lines, there is no option for setting that to style as the crescendo lines.


But pasting them might not make sense as long as MuseScore is not able to attach anchorpoints to time-positions where no notes might exist.

More to the point though. Please provide an example with steps to explain where copying a pedal line would be faster than applying one from a palette.

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It would not be faster, and I would have to be typing in the palette to finding it every time and selecting the measures. Duplicating it just fits one measure, which it helpful, but then for multiple measures, go figure. I have to increase the anchorpoints or press Shift-Right. But again, the palette feature COULD be faster, just maybe.

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I'm sorry, but your answer does not make sense to me (perhaps because I'm not native English).

Did you just state that copying a line would not be faster than using the palette? Then why would you want this?

Perhaps it may be useful to know how I currently add those lines, because I definitely don't have to search for them in the palette each and every time. I'm assuming you're starting from the basic workspace, which hasn't been modified yet:

  1. Open the lines palette
  2. Click on More to add the Pedal lines you might want to use to the default visible listing
  3. Add a shortcut in Edit → Preferences for "apply current palette element" (I've opted for Ctrl+Alt+P)

The above steps have to be taken only once (not even once per score!).
Now on to adding those lines to the score.

  1. Range select where the pedal line should go
  2. Click the relevant pedal line
  3. Range select the next range (I use the arrow keys + Shift for that)
  4. Use the "apply current palette element" shortcut
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 as much as required
  6. If for some reason I need to switch to a different pedal line (for example with a different hook for the last line):
    a. Select the range for the new pedal line
    b. Ctrl+F9 to move the keyboard focus to the palette search window
    c. Tab to move the keyboard focus to the currently selected palette element (you'll see the highlight)
    d. Arrow keys to move to the new pedal line
    e. Enter key to apply it
    f. And we're now back to repeating steps 3 & 4 as much as needed

I recall you asking about this some other time recently, but we had trouble understanding what you meant then, and unfortunately it's still not clear. Can you please attach a sample score and explain what exactly you are suggesting?

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