Note input - Real-time (manual): keep displaying the note

• Jul 16, 2020 - 01:08

In Note input - Real-time (manual), the display keeps jumping:
once the note is no longer sounding, the display changes to the default rest.
How can I keep the note displayed until the next input? (so that the default rest is not shown in between)


Well.. if your not pressing any note, then you are inputting silence at that moment. And the musical convention to show silence is a rest.
Wouldn't keep showing the note become quite confusing when you actually do want to enter a rest?

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Definitely true in general. But in my particular "use case" it is unhelpful - and in fact insanely annoying.

I'd much rather have silence represented by nothing. Virtual "infinite sustain", with the note staying visible until another note is sounded, is also a good option.

I am hoping there is some obscure combination of configuration options that will achieve one of the acceptable outcomes...

Thus, expert advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think so. MuseScore is primarily about notation, and silence is represented by rests. A sequencer is more likely to offer what you describe, since it is not tied to notation. MuseScore 4 will be moving us in that direction as well, but it's way too early to say if it will will ever disassociate from notation to the extent where rests are not a thing.

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