Invert music and retrograde

• Jul 16, 2020 - 18:10

This may have been addressed before, but I haven't heard of a response yet.

It would be great if the following two features could be put into MuseScore:

  1. Invert a stave or two staves (piano staves) - typically about a centre note - say A.
    Thus G4 would go to B4, while D4 would go to E5 etc. It'd be great if this could be done for a whole piece, but even just a couple of lines would be good.

  2. Generate a retrograde version of a piece - all the notes with the same length and pitch values, but taken from the end through to the beginning. Even if all the dynamics and other markings were taken out this would be useful. Again, ideally this would be for a whole piece with no limits on length - or perhaps even on number or staves (instruments).

Even if only partial, this could be a great tool for composers.


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