Repeats - 2nd, 3rd time etc. different dynamics/articulation etc.

• Jul 16, 2020 - 18:15

Repeats generally work OK in the player, but it would be great if some aspects could be different the 2nd or 3rd time (etc. ) round. For example, a section might be marked pp the second time round, or pizzicato, or up an octave on the 3rd iteration. Even the instrumentation could be changed - e.g for a flute part - change to piccolo on first repeat.

I know that Musescore is intended primarily for notation, but this for the player would be very helpful, and could also be used to generate very useful midi files with dynamics and articulation for exporting to DAWs.

We have examples of music we play (real instruments) where the dynamics and phrasing/articulation are different the 2nd time round - it'd be good to have this replicated in the MuseScore player.


A small step towards this goal is made behind the scenes with which would help in making the playback engine better aware as to the how manieth (nice verbing here) playthrough of a measure is happening.

I currently envision an option to be able to set repeatLists for more elements than just the volta's, allowing elements to be honored only on certain repeats.

What you want is very easily done by notation, but you want the music to actually play differently on the 2nd or 3rd time so you can be lazy and not have to copy and paste that section and adjust the octave and dynamics. I understand. I don't think Musescore can do that. If you are wondering can Musescore be programmed to do that? Well, if there are programs that can get a man to Mars, and shoot a missile with pinpoint accuracy 5000 miles away, then yes, it CAN be done.

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