Can't set shortcut for crotchet to "C"

• Jul 19, 2020 - 23:28

Well, I can set the shortcut in preferences but it doesn't do anything. I have tried changing this quaver into a crotchet using the shortcut key defined but nothing happens.




I believe this command is for note input only, not for normal mode. The "TAB" indication is the giveaway here - that is only shown for the tab-input-specific commands.

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I'm not understanding. First, Q and W do affect whatever note is selected, in normal mode. Second, there are already shortcuts to set duration directly - the numbers 1-9. And they work perfectly as is, there is nothing to be gained from customizing them in terms of how they work (it might make it easier to remember).

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To clarify: Q and W are working but can require several presses to get to the note needed. Because these work and because shortcuts can be defined, (like my C), then I assumed that such shortcuts would also work to set duration directly.

In TAB all my note inputs are already numeric so my preference was to use letters for duration shortcuts. It's pretty trivial in the scheme of entering a score but would have saved a few keystrokes. I'll just stick to Q and W as I'm already used to them.

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It might help if you stepped backand explained more about what you are trying to do. Q & W work on the assumption that you have basically entered the music correctly but are looking to make a small change to the duration of a note. If you are instead wanting to make more drastic changes on occasion, then the duration keys are the way to go. But you are completely welcome to customize. Again, it absolutely works to change duration by shortcut, if you define the correct shortcut. The ones that have TAB in the name are not what you want, those are only for use in note input mode. You want the ordinary duration shortcuts. You can customize to "C" only if you've first disabled the regular shortcut(s) for "C".

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