Old MOOG Synthesizer sounds

• Jul 22, 2020 - 00:54

Hi, gang!!!

I wonder if somebody knows if there is (somewhere) a free GeneralMIDI SoundFont file with musical instruments sound imitated with the old MOOG Synthesizer (analog sound).

I'm talking about, let's say, a piano sound (MIDI patch 000) imitated with the old MOOG; a trumpet sound (MIDI patch 056) imitated with the old MOOG... And so and on.

It is intended to try to get something like the so fascinating sound from the Walter Carlos vinyl record: "The Well Tempered Synthesizer".

Is there something like that? ???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



Well ... "I'd predict that you're probably only ever destined to 'get fairly close in your playback,'" because the MOOG is indeed "a synthesizer," whereas Soundfonts can never be anything other than "samples." During the course of performances such as you mention – and, indeed, to show-off what the hardware of the day could do – performers altered the parameters of the hardware ... which of course "a sampler knows not of."

If you now want to replicate a MOOG performance, I suggest that you should first work within MuseScore to prepare "the score" as well as you can, then export it (as a MusicXML file, not MIDI ...) to a suitable DAW – open-source or otherwise. Within this system, select a software "patch" that is intended to mimic the hardware behavior of the MOOG. Then, throughout your performance ... "perform."

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I see. Thank you so much for your idea!!!

BTW: There are two free Apps to imitate an old MOOG, but... It is so complicated, because we have to directly manipulate all the parameters of the "MOOG", in the screen, channel by channel, oscillator by oscillator. So... A lot of work!!! Hahahaha!!! Well... That's life!!!

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