Change all text style fonts

• Jul 30, 2020 - 09:48

Is there a way to change the font in all text styles of a score at once, without having to go through every one of them one by one? After all, one does want consistency, so it would make sense to have a "Default font" setting somewhere (which could be overridden if one specifically wants that).


Go over all of them once, save it as a style file. Edit the style file with a text editor to ensure only font information is retained.
Then load that style file into your score.

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Save whatever you have as a style and put a name to it. Open that file in a text editor and change the occurrences of the FreeSerif font for the name of the font you want (say, Century Schoolbook L), save that file, and load it as a style.

A more efficient option to do that is lacking.

FWIW, the beginnings of such a command were implemented a while back, but the work was never completed. There are some complications - a few fonts actually need be something other than a typical text font in order for the feature they support to work properly. But in principle, it should be doable, and I do hope to see this work completed some day.

Meanwhile, the style file works beautifully. And also, consider saving the resultant score as a template for future reuse.

One other thing - I don't know if the current plugin framework supports this or not, ut in principle this could be automated that way as well.

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