Changing instrument sounds in the score.

• Aug 2, 2020 - 12:56

Hello! I saw quite a few topics with similar names, but none were really quite the same, as they all had to do with changing the physical instrument, not the sound, as if you were going into the mixer and chaning the sound. If i just change the instrument, it changes to the default sound of whatever instrument i'm changing it to.

My question is, how do I change the instruments sound midway through a piece? I couldn't find any properties or texts to do this. :/ Any one have any thoughts?


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Well yes, but as I just said it changes the instrument sound but i can't figure out how then to change the type of sound. For instance my issue is that i'm using a fantastic orchestral sound font, and i can't change to a pizz sound via the usual way because unlike others, the two sounds aren't linked. I have to go into the mixer and change the sound. But, there is no way of doing that in the score. I can add a pizz marking, and do all that I would usually do to get the pizz sound from most other sound fonts, but it won't change because the pizz, and the tremolos are seperate sounds in the sound library and not linked to the other strings. That's a good example of why I need to switch the 'sound' mid song, but not the instrument.

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