Odd dynamics phenomenon at the end of a score.

• Aug 3, 2020 - 21:06

I am having an odd quirk happen with my music at the end of a score. I am using version 3.5RC. I have an arpeggio at the end of the score. The low "A" and the next "A" in the bass clef are NOT on the piano roll. Oddly, they still sound; however, I cannot get them to pay attention to the "pp" dynamic. They sound with dynamic "ff". The treble clef notes are on the piano roll and the dynamic is fine. You can see from the attachment, I have a "pp" at the end of the previous measure. I am being forced to place another "pp" in the bass clef just for that last measure. I have done what I know to do - I have copied and pasted the notes back to see if that corrects them , I have retyped them, nothing seems to work. I think this quirk may have something to do with the notes not showing up in the piano roll, but not sure.
BTW: The reason I have to arpeggio the notes this way (individual notes) rather than typing whole notes and using the arpeggio symbol, is because the arpeggio symbol doesn't work either. All the notes sound at the same time. Is there a way of getting the notes to sound like I show in the attachment using just the arpeggio symbol?
Also, why isn't the piano roll editor window on the VIEW menu at the top. Instead, you have to highlight a measure and right click to get the piano roll window? Looks like an odd inconsistency.
Notes not showing.png


Unless I'm missing something, those "missing" notes are on a different staff than the one you selected when you opened the piano roll editor.

As for any issue with dynamics, we'd need the score, not just a picture, in order to investigate. But I'm guess the "pp" is set to staff range instead of instrument, or it's not a dynamic itself at all but just text connected to the hairpin.

The arpeggio symnbol would never indicate eighth notes like this, so if eighth notes are what you want, you need to write them out. if you really do want them rolled fast, then the arpeggio symbol would be correct, but current versions of MuseScore don't support arpeggios across staves.

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Thank you Marc for responding. Yes, the missing notes are on the bass clef. So you are saying I can't see the piano roll editor for both staves. Makes adjusting notes awkward.
I would send the score but it is a copyrighted transcription so I don't want non-premium members to get a copy of it through the forum. Oddly, if I make a copy of a part of the score (to send to you) issue goes away.
There is no "instrument" range for dynamics. Just "part", "staff", "system". I was told "part" means for that instrument (both staves). Maybe that is wrong. The "pp" that you see in the attached image is set for "part". I re-notated the dynamic to make sure it was not just a text. Still does the same thing. I tested the "part" setting and it seems to affect both staves. Don't know what is going on with this score. I must have some weird combination of dynamics, notes, hairpins that create the situation where the dynamic doesn't work on these notes. If I set the dynamic to "system" the dynamic marking DOES affect the bass clef notes. Prob with that is system means the whole score. If I have 5 instruments, all 5 will be affected by that dynamic. I just want piano to be affected. I tested it on other measure in the score and the same thing is happ'n (dynamics are not affecting bass clef). I wonder if, because this is a midi-transcription, there are some midi hidden features ( missing features) that are preventing Musescore dynamics from working as intended.
I don't necessarily want eighth notes for my arpeggio, I just want a slow roll from bass note all the way up. But as you say, Musescore doesn't support arpeggios across staves. Should I put in an enhancement?

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UPDATE: As I was writing my previous comment, it struck me, 'I wonder if I copy and paste this score into a brand new score if it would fix the issue'. IT DOES fix the issue. Apparently there is some glitch with translating midi scores into Musescore that prevents dynamics (maybe others things also) was working properly.

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Notes imported from MIDI generally have hard-coded velocity values that we continue to honor even if you add dynamics. You'd have to reset the velocity to get them to respond.

In the future, you could consider just deleting all content from the score except the relevant measures when posting here. But also, it's not like the scores you attach as examples here would ever show up in any searches, so there is nothing really to worry about copyright-wise.

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