Empty space after a repeat barline at the end of a section, followed by a clef change.

• Aug 3, 2020 - 22:32

This is really weird...

A section ends with a repeat sign and there is a clef change on the next line, and I get this :
https://musescore.com/user/4338741/scores/6274966 The repeat barline appears before the end of the system, leaving an empty stave on its right.

If it's a normal bar line instead of a repeat, no problem. If there is no clef change at the beginning of the next line, no problem.

I'm told th problem disappears if this score is downloaded in MuseScore 3.5. Until this version is implemented, is there a workaround ?

Merci !



I think it's a bug where the courtesy clef is hidden but leaves behind its space. In Inspector you can change the X-offset of the repeat to 3.00 or similar.

The release candidate for 3.5 has been available for some time via the Download link above, so you can check for yourself to be sure the issue is solved for you. If not, we would need steps to reproduce the problem.

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