Please help

• Aug 5, 2020 - 01:05

So I am a Sophomore college student, and today I wanted to print something on MuseScore but I saw that I can't unless I subscribe. Then I saw that MuseScore is allowing 30 days free trials. So I took the opportunity and signed up with my PayPal. But then, almost immediately, I saw that my bank has been charged $29.99? For some reason, it charged me for the annual plan! I don't have a very good computer so it's quite possible that something glitched on my end, but even if it's $29.99, I can't afford to just throw that away because I am living away from home, and with Corona Virus, I don't have a job to help with my college expenses.

If there is anything that you guys can do, please just cancel whatever subscription plan that I am on, and kindly give me a refund. If you guys need my PayPal, it is: PayPal.Me/ewanginator

Thank you so so much for any help you guys can give me.

(I emailed support but didn't get a response so that is why I am turning to the forums)


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