[FEATURE REQUEST] Add additional handle to instrument name of a staff to be able to open "Staff/Part properties"

• Aug 6, 2020 - 08:59

To open the "Staff/Part Propeties", a user clicks on the instrument name. But when there is no name, there is nothing to click on, therefore the staff properties won't pop-up.

Adding an always present handle (like Finale has) that is not printed would help.

(Of course there is a work-around, like clicking on any other instrument and use the arrows in the popup dialog to navigate through all instruments. But what happens if there are no instrument names at all? Then it gets not very user friendly...)

As for the potential question, why anyone would like to have a staff that has no instrument name attached to it: I'd like to implement such a staff in an orchestral score between the instrumental groups. It should not show any staff lines, but instead only old things like tempo, rehearsal marks, (large) time signatures (hidden on regular staves), etc.


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