Horizontal alignment of the beginning of a piece

• Aug 6, 2020 - 11:00


Sometimes, the beginning of a piece is not aligned horizontally at the same point as the second system of staves. For example:
The default setting of MuseScore seems to align all systems of staves horizontally at the same point. For example:
How can I change the horizontal alignment of a system of staves? Especially at the beginning of a piece.

Thanks in advance!


Get rid of the instrument name. I can think of two methods:

  1. [Format]>[Style]>[Score] and tick "Hide instrument name if there is only one instrument"
  2. Right click [Stave/Part Properties] Delete the text entry in Long Instrument name.

Method 1 is probably best.

[Edit] I am assuming you want the look of your second example rather than the first.

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