Consistent Crashing with Ties

• Aug 7, 2020 - 10:34

If I select multiple notes and try to tie them over to the next bar, musescore 3.5 just crashes.
(Try applying a tie to the cello and bass parts in bar 2 at the same time)

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Please first remove all parts, then it is possible to tie the notes. It is always better to create the parts only when the score is finished.

Something seems very wrong with the cello part. Compare what's in the score to what's in the part. Somehow the first two measures are empty. That, I think, is the underlying issue here, and in fact many other operations will crash with this score as a result.

Was this created from scratch within 3.5? I see there isn't that much there yet, so I I could believe so. In which case, is there anything you can think of unusual about how those first few measures were entered that could have led to this problem?

Or, perhaps this score was created by copying another score and the problem was inherited from that?

Meanwhile, I agree with the workaround suggested above, and the general advice not to generate parts until you've entered most of your notes - usually things go more smoothly that way (MuseScore has to work twice as hard when updating parts).

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Well, I'm glad the issue went away, but I am concerned that the problem happened in the release candidate, because while there were a few bug fixes between the candidate and actual release, I can't think of any that would be relevant here. For that matter, really I can't think of any changes since 3.4.2 that would have introduce a new problem here. On the contrary, there were some fixes that make crash on open with corrupt scores like this less likely. In your case, the crash also happened on autosave, so just leaving the score open for two minutes would crash too.

So I'm definitely curious to hear anything you can share about the process you used to get started. Did you use a template, or create this from scratch by choosing instruments? Was the score ever completely empty - like at any point did you ever delete all measures? At what point where the parts generated - before or after entering the notes in that cello part? Anything you can share would help us figure out how the problem happened and hopefully come up with a fix so it doesn't happen again.

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