Roman Numerals and Nashville notation -possible to create from a plugin?

• Aug 7, 2020 - 17:16

I am trying to add Roman Numeral and Nashville chord symbols to a score from a plugin.
Standard Chord Symbols work fine, but I can't figure out how to make it work with Romans and Nashvilles.

In all the sample plugins I have looked, Romans or Nashvilles are added add staff text (or ordinary chord symbols) and not as proper roman/nashville chord symbols.

I have tried to set the HARMONYs subStyle to 25 for Roman or 26 for Nashville. This only changes the way MS parses and displays the chord text in the score, but not the actual text subtype - the object is still a "Chord Symbol". The subType name is accessible from the plugin, so I can see (for manually entered Romans and Nashvilles) that they are different (and what I expect) - but I haven't found a way to set the subtype myself when creating new HARMONYs. Reusing an existing Roman/Nashville chord symbol in the plugin works fine of course - just changing it's text.

Anybody who knows how to create proper Roman Numeral or Nashville chord symbols from a plugin?
Or is there a limitation in the API that does not expose this possibility (yet)?


Actually - setting the text style to Roman on a HARMONY-element with subtype <> roman actually doesn't really work either. The interpreted roman symbol text is shown ok only when you have it selected (by double clicking) but otherwise not.
Since nobody has been able to confirm or deny that the plugin-API can't handle creation of SUB-types of HARMONY I'll wait a bit, and then submit it as a bug (assuming the intention is it should have been possible - why should Romans/Nashville have their functionality crippled in comparison to ordinary chord symbols?).

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