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• Aug 8, 2020 - 02:48

Hello, I was wondering if this is a bug or an unreleased feature about spacing, so I apologize.
I was writing some music, and I notice that the spacing between the notes and grace notes was odd.
I understand you can decrease the size of the grace notes in Style settings, and move the slurs, but I think that we just can save a lot of time just fixing that.
Anyway, I really appreciate the work of the developers and supporters. :)

In the mscz file, I tried to correct the wrong space.

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Can you you re-upload your sample files? Unfortunately there was a site gltich the other day and some attachments got lost, and I can't understand what problem just from the description.

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I would say the length of the stems is subjective, I actually like the default better. But it's a known limitation that slurs don't know how to avoid grace notes. Based on the way slur layout is currently implemented that would not be easy, but I encourage you to submit a bug report to the issue tracker anyhow so we can look at this again as we make other engraving improvements in the future. Feel free to also submit a separate "suggestion" with your ideas regarding why you think the stem length on the beamed notes should be shorter, beaming is another thing we are looking to hopefully improve, even if that's much more subjective as I said.

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