Update/add feature

• Aug 9, 2020 - 03:21

Hi, I've been using Musescore for many years. In fact it has helped me to start my composition career. And I highly recommend it for beginners. However there are some that I would like to add in the next update that would greatly improve the application.

One is the addition of the "Ritardando" or "rit."
Since the my current updated Musescore, Musescore 3.5, still doesn't have this feature, the trick I always use is use metronome numbers per note to simulate the ritardando effect but that is time consuming and and some times inaccurate. I want to hear the genuine slowing down of the notes [rit] when played not the instant/sudden change of tempo [metronome numbers].

Second, in Musescore 3.5, I noticed that the notes longer than the whole note, double whole note, longa, and maxima, are missing when I often use those notes. Please return them back to the next update.

Third, there is a bug that when I input a new keyboard shortcut for transposing the entire piece, either one semitone up or down, the app crashes. Please fix this bug because I transpose a lot when I'm composing.

Fourth, in the Palette menu, the basic and advanced palettes are now missing. What if I, or a beginner in using Musescore, want to change from advanced (meaning all palette options) to basic palette, or vice versa, without dragging some of the options out of the palette? Please return back those palette option.

And that's all about it. Please, I hope that these request I've indicated will be added in the next update. Thank you So much.


  1. Use the tempo changes plugin
  2. Those are in the advanced workspace
  3. Please report in the issue tracker
  4. The palettes are still there, like the a ever were

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