change tuning from C to Bb

• Aug 9, 2020 - 03:49


I have imported Bb Bass Clarinet part (xml file) into MUSESCORE. The score translated well, but the it plays back in C tuning. How can I have the score playback in Bb tuning without altering the score itself?


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You haven't actually got an instrument defined for that score. Right click in the first bar (measure for US users) and then click on [Stave/Part properities]>[Change instrument]. Then select bass clarinet from the woodwind section of the dropdown. This may or may not give you what you want as it will preserve the pitches as you entered them (for a non-transposing instrument). But from there you can get to the pitch you want by selecting everything and using [Tools]>[Transpose] as necessary.

For future reference, you should always select the instrument(s) you intend to use before entering the notes.

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The problem is when I import an xml file. It auto puts it in a C Pitch instrument. When I change the instrument the key changes of course. I need to score to remain as is but the pitch to be in Bb tuning instrument. I hope you know what I am trying to say. What I assume you are saying is that I need to select the tuning instrument first and then enter the notes 'manually'?

I tried to change to Bass Clarinet, but again it changes the score key signature.

Thanks for your help.


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