Embeds load VERY slow, if at all!

• Aug 9, 2020 - 22:32

Hi there.

I mentioned this in another thread.

I have noticed my embeds have become progressively slower through the year.
I am using "unlisted" embed code.
These are very short scores, (under 10 measures) with graphics. (They are modules of a course I am creating)
So I have many of these mini-score embeds on a single page. (This was never a issue before).

But now, I am experiencing hangs on a single miniscore. I am using a local HTML file on my HD to test my work, and previewing it in Chrome. So there are no domains involved, but Musescore.

I suspect the issue to be related to your cookies. Because I am already logged in to MS as this occurs, and the major hang occurs as browser says "waiting for mc.yandex.ru" and more often than not, never resolves.
Occasionally, it does, but after 3-5 minutes!

Also, inspector dev issues state that cookies are not defined as "same-site"/"secure"/or "lax".
Ii displays at least 10 MS cookies unable to resolve.

Can this please be fixed asap?

It affects my entire project, years of investment.

Thank you Much!



In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Hi Jojo,
You have been extremely helpful in the past!
I don'r understand why your reply here is simply directing me to FAQ?
Could you please highlight what you want me to observe there?

  • Steps I have taken, to get this 8 bar score to load completely,
    in a reasonable time. All of them inconsistent, from reasonable -to- unreasonable.

1) Cleared browser cache.
2) Dithered the 8.5 x 11 page graphics .png down from 360dpi to 100dpi.
3) Loaded from Chrome "incogneto" browser.

Also, possibly related issue,
iF and when my embed page loads,
more often than not,
the "select measure" feature is inaccessible.
In fact, rarely do the measures that are in play highlight!

If the FAQ offers a dummy solution, that I am missing.
then excuse me. Please rub my nose in it.



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