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I'm trying to transcribe Mussorgsky's Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks from Pictures from an Exhibition. It consists of 3 parts, the Scherzino, Trio and Coda. After finishing the Trio, it says, Da Capo il Scherzino, senza Trio, e poi Coda. How can I achieve this effect at playback?

Here's the score from IMSLP.

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Your score would be more useful so I'll talk in generalities.

If there are movements before the Scherzino, then make sure the last measure of the previous movement ends with a section break from the Breaks and Spacer's palette.

In the Scherzino and Trio make sure you do not use a section break at the end of the movement. You may use a section break to end the Coda movement if you need and/or want to.

At the end of the Scherzino add a "to Coda" text from the Repeats & Jumps palette.
At the end of the Trio add a "D.C. al Coda" text from the Repeats and Jumps palette.
At the start of the Coda add a coda symbol from the Repeats and Jumps palette.

It will now work the way you want.

You may edit all of the labels you have added from the Repeats and Jumps palette rather than using a separate text if you want to. If you need no label (like on the coda) you may make the labels invisible by pressing v. Invisible items normally turn light gray on screen but never print.

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I am having similar problem. I was not able to get the D. S. al Coda to work at all - it immediately went to the next measure, which is the CODA. After some reading of other comments, it was suggested to turn on "play repeats" on the D.S al Coda. I did that, but now this is the order of what happens:
1. D.S. al Coda
2. Segno
3. Plays to the end, ignoring the "To Coda" and the Volta repeats along the way.

Obviously, It should do D.S. al Coda, Segno, To Coda, Coda. The "To Coda" is apparently not working at all. Why is it sooo glitchy to use the repeats. Seem like you have to hold your nose and tongue a certain way before they will work. People keep having problems getting them to work.

Any advice?

Coda example.png

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From your picture, the "to coda" looks like it's working perfectly. You have the "To Coda" in m20 and Coda in m21. I suggest that you attach the actual score because a D.S. al Coda and and D.C. al coda in the same movement of a song is quite odd.

The order is very important in using a D.S al coda. The must appear in this order in the song

To coda
D.S. al Coda
Coda (in the measure immediately after the D.S. al Coda because all measures in between will be skipped.

It may be possible to put a D.C. al coda into the same movement of a song, but it cannot use the same coda or To Coda as the D.S. al Coda and it takes a little bit of extra user editing to make it work. If this is possible and necessary I'll be happy to explain it.

If you attach your score and explain a roadmap (i.e. play m1 to m15, jump back and play m5 to m10 then play starting at m16) of what you want, someone can help you achieve your goal.

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Sorry, maybe the attachment does tell whole story. After the "To Coda", I have about 15 more measure (the 1st repeat volta and the second section before the D.S. al Coda. I do NOT have a D.C. al Coda. After going to the
Segno, it should hit the "To Coda" and immediately go to the Coda, but it doesn't. It continues and plays the prima and seconda voltas and then goes right into the CODA.
You say order is important. The order you suggest is exactly the order I am using. I have the Segno on M14, the To Coda on M21, I have the D.S al Coda on M33. The Coda is immediately following the D.S. al Coda.

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Without an actual score I'll have to take your word for it, though I see a to coda in one measure and coda in the next measure so it's not surprising it doesn't work. When you don't do it right, MuseScore will often ignore all out of place jump labels.

It does sound like you may have "Play repeats" turned of on your program though. I think I heard someone say the play repeats button had to be toggled to make it work when they upgraded to 3.5 otherwise no one can give you specific advice on your score but others might give you general info that might eventually be what you need.

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Mike, I think you figured it out. You said "I see a to coda in one measure and coda in the next measure". I have the CODA symbol after the To Coda because that is what the original piece of music had (this is a transcription). I looked in other pieces of music and they have the "To Coda" immediately followed by the CODA symbol just like I have it. Looks like MS doesn't like that way of notating the To Coda symbol. Anywho, I took off the CODA symbol and now it works almost the way I intended. Only glitch now (and you can see in the attachment) is that I have a slur that goes over the prima volta. Because of that, it plays that whole measure THEN goes to the CODA. Have to figure out how to stop that.
Thanks for your help.

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You can double click the coda symbol (to put it in edit mode) that is where it belongs, highlight the symbol (drag your mouse over it) and press ctrl+c to copy it. Put the To coda in edit mode, put the cursor at the end of the text and press ctrl+v and you will have a coda symbol where you want it. MuseScore doesn't like extra labels from the Repeats and Jumps palette but you can edit the text of the labels any way you like.

The tie (it's not a slur) does not affect the volta being played or not. There is something off screen happening.

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