Double ampersands in palette list

• Aug 20, 2020 - 03:47

Just installed version last night, night before in Windows 10 ver 2004 (Build 19041.450). This evening I notice that everywhere there's an ampersand in the palette list (Breaths & Pauses, Arpeggios & Glissandos, etc.) the ampersand is doubled (Breaths && Pauses, Arpeggios && Glissandos, etc.). I know that in a lot of coding (HTML being the first thing that comes to mind) an ampersand is used as a flag of some kind and sometimes you have to use two ampersands to get one to display (although more often in my experience, a slash, forward or backward depending upon the environment, is used to, as they say, escape the character so it will display). Is that what's happening here?


Sounds like you upgraded from before 3.3. Right click the palette title, select palette properties and edit the name of the palette.

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