• Aug 25, 2020 - 22:57

My choir director would like me to provide instrumentation parts for Schubert's Heilig, Heilig. I downloaded the score from Choralwiki, example attached, I found out that 'Corni in Eb' is a French horn. While not having a French horn in the instrumentation lineup is not a big problem, I do not see a Eb instrument that I could use instead. Could you suggest a workaround?
Harold Severin

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I want to understand what you are doing. You want to copy the PDF into MuseScore? If this is true, simply copy it the way it is in the PDF.

The Eb Horn is actually a Horn in Eb, while the French horn is in the key of F. You need to enter the score with the correct instrument selected.

After the score is entered, you can change instruments to anything that doesn't result in notes being turned red by musescore. When you change the instrument, MuseScore will automatically transpose it to the correct key. The question is which instruments can you use?

When adding instruments, go to the top left box and change Common to All Instruments. This will show you many more instruments including (in the Brass section) Horn in Eb.

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