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• Aug 27, 2020 - 21:21

MuseScore sometimes creates a very inhomogen note spacing behavior due to the lyrics.
In comparison Sibelius does a much better job - maybe MuseScore can learn from this.

See both attached files.

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Just out of curiosity: Can you remove the lyrics in both programs and compare that as well?
It might also be a good idea to add the breath marks in MuseScore as well, as those will further influence spacing too.

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It is very flexible, BUT I have no time for correcting a bad standard-layout --- the program shall manage the most tasks by itself. Sibelius does and that's why I chose it to layout a full organ book (although I would have loved to do this using MuseScore!).

These spacing issues happen all the time. Not only when lyrics are present. It's been discussed and analyzed quite in-depth. See here...…

Engraving improvements are on the cards for MuseScore 4. And I'm really hoping that fixing the horizontal spacing are given high priority once work on the engraving improvements begin.

In the meantime the only real workaround is selecting a measure and pressing "{" or "}" to adjust its width. Its really cumbersome to fix spacing like this, but its the best option for now.

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