Musescore export empty MIDI parts

• Sep 1, 2020 - 10:50

I'm running Musescore 3.5 on a Macbook Pro (OS=Mojave). I downloaded and upgraded as soon as Musescore itself prompted me to, and have been happily exporting parts of this piece I've been playing with (using Musescore for getting the notes in, and Reaper for "performing") with this version until this afternoon, when it suddenly began to export MIDI files ranging from 219 bytes to one file with 4K. Not sure why the viola MIDI file actually has some data in it while the others don't, but anyway, I've packaged up what I thought might be pertinent files for wiser heads than my own to ponder.


Apparently you have not used MuseScore for getting the notes in, but a midi import?
(File > Score properties > source shows 'mid')

However: open the Mixer and notice that you solo'd the viola...

Okay, so I'm a simpleton - don't mind me. Mixer explained the problem: only the viola was enabled (playing solo). Keeping this in mind: Mixer settings will affect export.
ETA: we cross-posted, Jojo... just installed Musescore 3.5 on my Linux box and discovered the problem on playback. Thanks for replying.
ETASM: oh, and that piece, I guess... just a bit of throwing musical colours on the Musescore canvas to see how instruments sound. Trial and error: mostly error. Hope I don't cause anyone's ears to bleed. Sounds a bit better in Reaper, but there's no secret sauce that's going to make that little effort anything particularly worthwhile.

BTW: it's interesting that one can export complete .xml irrespective of Mixer settings. Hmmmmm. Amazing program, no question about it. My workflow is very much to my "writing" (more like doodling) in Musescore because of its easy-of-use... I'll lengthen or tweak a note in Reaper, but since I don't perform at all (anymore) Musescore is the goto for messing with stuff.

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