changing in score all pedal markings for another

• Sep 1, 2020 - 17:56


Can I select all of the pedal markings in a piece and in one click switch to a different marking?
For example, now I have each measure with a straight pedal mark (sharp release), I want each measure to have the pedal mark with the 45 degree angles, so all pedal markings are joined continuously and the sound blends from one measure to the next.

Any ideas?


Right click on one of the pedal marks and then select all similar elements. Then in the inspector edit the beginning and/or end hook styles to your liking.

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This will have to be done one by one I am afraid, but the process is:
1. click on a pedal line - this will select it for editing with both start and end handles selected
2. click on the start handle - this will deselect the end handle
3. shift+left arrow to move the start handle to be attached to the previous note.

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