Wrong note sound coming from note.

• Sep 1, 2020 - 21:01

I have been having a weird phenomenon happ'n to me lately. It just started and it is so random that I don't yet know what causes it. You can see from the picture, I have a appoggiatura on each of two 8th notes. The 8th notes are on the Db note with the appog. on the C note. (see the piano roll). Yet the piano roll is showing the first 8th note is on the C note with the appog. When you click on the notes to make them sound, the first 8th note SOUNDS like it is on the C note, yet you can clearly see it is notated on the Db note.

Another thing that is happening randomly: I will place a note in a measure. Musescore, "thinks" the note is one octave lower than it really is. I place a note at C3, it thinks and SOUNDS the note like it is at C2. If I move the note down, ledger lines appear below the staff even when the Note is actually still showing within the 5-line staff.
The instrument is the B. Guitar, which is an octave transposing instrument. Wonder if this has something to do with it. I have the "Concert Pitch" button pushed.
This is latest nightly version 3.5.

Wrong Note.png


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I don't know how it could have been moved and not show in the piano roll. I have since moved on. I deleted the note and reentered it and it works fine now. It is so random. Can't figure out the circumstances why it does it, but this is not the only time it has occurred. It happened a few times before but before I reported it I wanted to make sure it wasn't a one-off glitch.

I experienced the note I the wrong octave earlier today. I had a B4 & C5 on my flute staff as a grace notes after but they both sounded an octave low. To make it even more obvious, the B on the middle line of the treble clef staff was olive color (outside of amateur range). Clicking on these notes also had them identified as B3 and C4 on the status line. I deleted the notes and tried to reproduce the problem but doing this fixed the problem.

This is a bug that happens randomly and it sounds somehow related to grace notes. This is the only time I have seen what I'm sure is this particular bug. I'm using the latest 3.5 stable release, not a nightly.

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