Guidance for Bends

• Sep 6, 2020 - 22:49

I am trying to apply bends to a phrase. This is the guitar figure from the beginning of Steely Dan's "Aja."


The first bend is between notes 2 and 3, a pre-bend and release. The second bend is at notes 7,8, and 9, a pluck, bend and release.

Although I've read the relevant passage in the manual, and poked around here in the forum, the Bend Properties dialog has me mystified.

Hoping for some guidance from the Musescore experts!

Thank you,


After some experimentation, I arrived at something that sounds correct. Here's what I ended up with:


Comments appreciated!

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Having accomplished my goal, I re-read the manual. I'd like to suggest adding the following text after item 3 under "Bend Shape and Width."

"4. In the graphical display, the x-axis (left to right) represents the duration of the note selected. The y-axis represents the change in pitch relative to the note selected. Thus, in the Prebend/Release scenario, the scored note must be the lowest pitch in the bend."

Rewrite as you see fit.

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