Editing a single measure

• Sep 8, 2020 - 16:06

I find editing a Single measure a bit tedious.
Editing should work more like a word processor.
Inserting/deleting notes/rests without affecting the rest of the measure.
Example: I add a dot to one note and the next note/rest is shortened.


inside of a measure the number of beats remains constant. There are always 4 beats in a normal 4/4 measure. If you don't overwrite the next beat when you put a dot on a note or rest, the number of beats in the measure will increase, which is not what you normally want. Inserting/deleting notes/rests with no effect on the rest of the measure is impossible. If you use insert mode (which still won't add a 1/2 beat to a measure if you dot a 1/4 note) the extra beat will be added at that spot and the length of the 4/4 measure will become 4.5 beats.

Mostly entering notes does work like a word processor, you can even press enter when you want the next measure to start on the next line.

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I would like to do the distribution to beats myself.
Let's say, I transfer a printed score to Musescore, and I forget a dot to one note, leaving a rest at the end of the measure. So I add the missing dot. But instead of the rest at the end of the measure disappearing, the next note gets shortened.
Also, after shortening a note you will have a rest there which you cannot delete.
I guess I will have to stick to cut and paste then.

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There had to be decisions made on how to handle inserts and they are what is most commonly used for entering scores. When people want long or short measures, insert and remove do this on a measure by measure basis, the do not keep the measure duration fixed. It was determined through talking to people that this is the more common expectation.

Fixing mistakes is never as easy as doing it right the first time. This isn't a word processor it's a music notation (soon to be composition) program. To move a group of notes, use cut (ctrl+X) and paste (ctrl+V) that way you don't need to reenter the entire measure but you may have to reenter a tie or slur.

Edit: I see I cross-posted with your edit.

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