Anyway to type that in 1 voice?

• Sep 9, 2020 - 12:49

Basically do the bellow... I am mostly referring to the 32nd note...


Put a 32nd note where you want the beam to end and make it invisible. You can select the end point of the glissando and use ctrl+arrows to move it to a different note if you need to.

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Glissandos like that don't have a real standard way of being notated. Someone will probably quote Gould at you and put her on a pedestal saying there is a definitive way but the reality is this gets notated so many ways it would be difficult to make provisions for every possibility. Having said that, your example is a common way I've seen this notated and should be an option in MuseScore. I suspect @oktophonie is looking into thongs like this as an engraving improvement. He has priorities for what he's seen most often so I don't know at what point something like this would be included but I'd be quite surprised to see it before 4.0 and probably a later release.

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