Medtner's Sonata in F minor

• Sep 10, 2020 - 09:24

So, some time last year I was fiddling with doing some Medtner transcribing, specifically of his first Sonata. I was looking into what a particular instruction was on the score I was referencing ("pieno vose"), which led me to discovering a dissertation from 2018 detailing a manuscript edited by Medtner with several changes not included in other published versions (which also remarked that the "pieno vose" was a typo for "pieno voce", hence my search result). So, I decided to actually transcribe the entire Sonata, including all the changes mentioned in his dissertation.

It took almost an entire year, but I think this is acceptable enough for releasing, and the audio sounds quite nice. A bit annoyed at some of the things Musescore currently can't do (small arpeggios, lines connecting semiquavers spanning over line breaks, etc.), but managed sufficient workarounds.

Or at least, that would be the link, except can't seem to deal with the score and just gave up, so I guess I'll just have to sit on the score until they fix their website. Which they won't, of course.


Well, other than the fact that I can't work around the website being garbage and not taking updates to the score and having to delete/reupload every time I make a change.

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