uniformity of staves without having to use spacers and auto uniform bar lengths

• Sep 11, 2020 - 08:45

I have had great trouble with sizing of both staves and bar lengths without spending copious amounts of time manually adjusting both using spacers. Is there a more efficient method of both stipulating uniformity of staves and bar length


In order for us to understand and assist better, it would help if you could attach your score.

Normally staff distance is consistent by default, unless you have markings placed far enough above/below the staff that they would colldie with an adjacent staff. MuseScore normally adds space to avoid those collisions. If you prefer no extra space, often the best way to achieve it is to move things manually to avoid the collisions that are causing the extra space. But you can go to Format / Style / Score and set the minimum vertical distance to a negative value that specifies how much you are willing to allow markings from one staff to overlap another, A large value like say -99 will give you perfectly consistent spacing, at the expense of collisions.

Bar lengths normally are supposed to vary , a measure with just a whole note should be narrower than one full of sixteenth. Only excepts are music for children and occasionally some lead sheets. Currently, this needs to be done manually, but there is work being done towards providing more options in the future. You can try playing with the minimum measure width in Format / Style / Measure to get things closer to even by default.

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