Saxophone (Alto) Tablatures

• Sep 11, 2020 - 20:53

Is there a plugin that will print out the tablature for an Alto Saxophone that workers with Musescore 3.x?


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ok, I had messed up my transposition thing.
Here's the corrected version:
You should be able to download any file in that directory by clicking on it, clicking view raw, and then pressing ctrl+s (cmd+s on mac).

It also looks like you have installed the wrong font. In the archive I sent earlier, you should only have to install the euro version of the font.

Tell me if you encounter any problem.

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This is fantastic!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Is it possible to do for Clarinet and Flute too? Maybe with some help I could do it on my own?
I have no experience with qml & plugins so far.
I work with music classes and it's so nice to help the pupils from time to time with the fingerings over the notation. The sax-fingering looks very nice and works perfectly!

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glad you like it! I'll have a look at making clarint and flute plugins. I won't have time for this this week though, as I have many exams coming.
However, in the meantime, do you have a good example of a good-looking flute or clarinet tablature diagram? I'll try to reproduce them in a similar font.

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