Grey'ed Out Notes ane Rests - How to delete?

• Sep 14, 2020 - 00:25

I scanned in and imported a score via PDF and while it converted almost perfectly. I have a couple of grey rests in the measures that I cannot get rid of. They are taking up time, so by there presence, they are messing up the other notes. I cannot seem to just delete them. They were not in the original PDF. Can anyone tell me how to correct this? I have attached the file, they are in measures 7, 12, and 13.

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They combine with the other note duration values to make up a whole bar so you cannot delete them. You need to manually correct the duration of all the notes in the bar to make them add up to the correct duration for that bar. The PDF conversion (which is actually an interpretation) is not 100% accurate.

I have been having this same problem, but unable to delete the grey notes and rests despite the fact that all the notes are complete. What I happened to find out, by luck, is that the measure properties somehow were set to more beats in the measure than were actually there.

I selected the measure and then right clicked on it and at the bottom of the pop-up window I selected 'Measure Properties'. It showed that the 'Actual' measure duration was 3; it should have been 2. (This particular song is in cut time.) I changed it to 2 and ALL the gray notes (and these weird plus symbols) disappeared from that staff.

Hope this helps!

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I don't know if I am overlooking something but I'm having the same issue with greyed +. This was not an import but and edit to an existing original file. These two measures really have no time signature. Each beat is conducted separately for action within the opera. Coming from 4/4 I have 1-15/4 and 1-11/4 going back, to measured 4/4.
I have tripled checked the blind time signature settings and the counts of all the measures. I know the greyed + won't print but for my own peace of mind and in trying to learn the program and after many years of calligraphy by hand, I'd like to know if I have actually done something incorrectly or something that needs a fix.

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I'm not totally sure what issue you are having. I don't see any "+", but the "-" in the second measure is telling you exactly what it was intended to tell you - that this measure has fewer beats than the time signature calls for (the "actual" time signature is less than "nominal"). If you are doing that on purpose and find the on-screen reminder bothersome, just turn it off via View / Show Unprintable.

More troublesome is the report of corruption I see on load, telling you that in the third measure, a number of staves have more beats than even the "actual" time signature calls for. That shouldn't be possible, but every so often some bug somewhere can be triggered by something unexpected and cause this. See for advice on fixing those problems, which can be serious and lead to crashes.

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