Is it possible to add left hand/right hand notification for piano notes?

• Sep 15, 2020 - 21:26

Piano notes ("The Breakers/Les Embruns" by Michael Aaron) say to play right hand in the bass clef staff and left hand in the treble clef staff. Is there a standard tool to mark that somehow?
Thank you!

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A standard notation is what you see in the pdf. m.g. = main gauche = left hand, m.d. = main droit = right hand. But the notation is pretty much location or language dependent rather than there being a standard. English speaking composers might write LH/RH for example. I would guess Italian/German/Russian/etc. would each have their own way of marking it.

There are several ways to do this. I would pick one method and stick with it throughout the piece. Here I have used lines and gone into Inspector and added text - m.d. or m.g. - then made the text "Above" the line and then adjust the X offset to 0.5 and the y offset to -0.75. I have made some of the lines invisible (untick Line Visible).

You can combine this with custom palettes and [Ctrl][Shift]-drag your modified line to your palette for future use.


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Thank you, you showed me a good way to do it, i.e. to add RH/LH mark as text, also to add it to pallet. Now I am a bit more acquainted with text tool. Unfortunately, to add with the line will is not good, as the line, which is mark for pedal, will be affected and that is undesirably. Appreciate!

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