Mac Book Pro 2020 -can't save my work

• Sep 16, 2020 - 13:51

I have been using Musescore on an older Mac book Air. I recently purchase new Mc Book Pro and can't save my work. Does Musescore have an update that will work with the new Mac Book Pro?


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The programs runs. Yesterday I input a song then transposed to another key. When I went to save my work, I got the message;
Open Temp file, songs mscz.temp fail: Permission denied. I have problems with Band in a box and that problem is I need an upgrade because
of my new Mac. Is this the same solution for Musescore?

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Me neither, especially on Mac. Are there multiple user accounts on this machine? Maybe MuseScore was originally installed for one user now you are running as another? Also check - what if you simply choose a different filename (one that hasn't been used before) within that same folder? What is the full pathname of the folder you are saving to? Eg, something like /home/yourname/Documents/MuseScore3/Scores

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