Note input toolbar appears in middle of window or on a different display

• Sep 16, 2020 - 13:54

For the past week or so, whenever I open MuseScore, I see the Note Input toolbar either in the middle of the MuseScore window, instead of at the top of the window (when I'm only using one display), or (if using extended displays), MuseScore window is on one screen and the Note Input toolbar is in the middle of the other screen.


Looks like you may have undocked it. Or perhaps the workspace you are in was created on a different display resolution and the original position no longer exists Can you drag it and dock it again? If not, try resetting your workspace from View / Workspaces (if you've done other deliberate customizations, maybe create a new workspace to test this with).

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Why do the toolbars open in the wrong display in the first place? I have Musescore open in display 1. I drag it to display 2. I open a floating tool, like the mixer. It opens in display 1. To me, display 2 would be the obvious, since the application window is in display 2, as well as its menubar from which I open the mixer.

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