No sound and PortAudio keeps changing back to MME

• Sep 17, 2020 - 04:12

I am having trouble getting any sound to come through MuseScore 3 and I suspected it's because MuseScore was having trouble selecting my Audiobox (M-Audio Fast Track Pro). Everytime I go to the I/O tab under preferences, it has MME selected for the API and Digital Audio (S/PDIF) selected for the device. If I change either of those, the Apply button stays greyed out as if I didn't make a change. If I click OK and attempt to playback or produce a sound, no sound comes through. If I go back to the preferences to try another audio device, the settings are set back to MME and Digital Audio. I have tried every API with different combinations of device, the issue persists with and without my audio interface. This issue is persistent across different scores as well as after closing both MuseScore 3 and restarting my computer. I've also had issues with MIDI inputs being selected in the past and I feel is this is stemming from a similar issue. Is MuseScore 3 actually not saving my audio settings or do they just default back to their original settings when you open that preferences tab? I've included a picture of that preference window.
I am running on windows 10 and my windows sound settings are "Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) when I am not using my audio interface and "Line 1/2 (2- M-Audio Fast Track Pro) when I am using my audio interface.
Any help would be appreciated and if you need anymore info about my MuseScore or system settings let me know, thank you!


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Thank you, this seems to work to get the API to change successfully. However, the midi input does not save. When changing the midi input, the Apply button does appear, so it does see that as a change, however when i close that dialogue window my MIDI does not work and as soon as I go back to that preferences window, my MIDI input has been deselected and gone to the default nothing.

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