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• Jul 31, 2020 - 16:48
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Whenever I try to change my audio output device in the IO panel of preferences, the changes do nothing (even after clicking restart audio and midi devices) and when I press ok on the preferences and open them up again, the changes go back to what was there before I changed it. This is on 3.5 RC and I don't think it happened in beta.


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I know almost nothing about how different devices drivers work, and I have no idea what the different choices actually correspond to or whether they should be enabled or not. But I can confirm it doesn't work as I mightily naively expect. Whether there is some reason for this or not I cannot say.

I think, though, that the problem may be simpler than this, though. The "Apply" button is not enabled. This leads me to think somehow the system just isn't registering the changes in these dropdowns. So there is a workaround of sorts, try changing any other setting (like the MIDI output latency). Then you can press Apply, and Restart, and OK, and it works. Do you find this as well?

Switching back immediately isn't good enough, the code is just clever enough to notice that's not a change. You have to make a real change, no matter how small, and then not set it back right away. I know there were improvements made to speed up the act of hitting Apply or OK within the Preferences dialog so it wouldn't have to work so hard unnecessarily and take so long. I suspect somehow this fell through the cracks. But there were other changes to this particular tab as well, replacing checkboxes with radio buttons, and it's also possible something got lost in the translation there, or any number of other changes made to this dialog for 3.5.

I had experimented such frustration... In fact i observed that sometimes the IO section of the musescore3 INI file becomes incorrect. At this point everything is unpredictible ! MuseScore crash and once Windows crash.
My (developper) solution was brutal : copy/past the IO section from MuseScore3Development.ini.
I will have wishes for this part (seting up the audio parameters). The crash are possibles from the fact the program in charge of MIDI io use unsafe sections.

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I just updated MuseScore hoping that this problem would be fixed, but it appears it isn't the case.
My version is 3.5.2, and the workaround proposed by Marc Sabatella now works only after a restart of MuseScore.


I think the issue has to do with if your keyboard is USB 2.0. If you have a MIDI keyboard that is NOT 2.0 compatible, and you plug it into a 2.0 USB input on your computer, it won't work. Try switching to another USB input (not 2.0) and I think it should work

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Title Changing audio output device frustrating Changing audio output device frustrating - selections disappear

I am using 3.6.3 and have this issue. I see some history in several searches, but do not find a solution there. If I re-set the selections in the drop-down boxes, and hit Apply and then restart, it does eventually get fixed, but it not stable. The next time I start a session it could be working or not. Using Win10.

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Title Changing audio output device frustrating - selections disappear New post Changing audio output device frustrating - selections disappear

I spoke too soon. Several minutes into my work session and the I/O MIDI selection disappear again, so the MIDI keyboard does not function. The selections in the MIDI IN and OUT drop-boxes remain only as long as the dialogue box is open. If I close the box and re-open Preferences, the selections are blank. Not sure what else to try. The overall hardware setup has not changed.

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