Select All Small Notes?

• Sep 19, 2020 - 22:30

Working with scanned sheet music. The top staff is the vocal line and consists of a singing part which is echoed. On the original score, the echoed part was drawn with small notes, so in the scanning program (capella-scan) I edited the notes so they were also small to remain consistent.

After import via MusicXML into Musescore, the small notes are all muted, which is undesirable.

Is there a way to 'select all' small notes and edit them together?



I see I can 'Select All' similar elements, but that selects all the notes on that staff. If I wanted to make them all "large" I see that I can do that, but I'd like to maintain the size as I'd like to reduce the volume/velocity of those notes to help simulate the echoed part during playback. So I'm hoping I can 'select all small notes' and then modify the velocity, as well as check the 'Play' box which is currently unchecked.

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So here's the procedure I've come up with: select all the notes and in the inspector hit the 'Play' checkbox a couple times to make sure that all notes are played. After that, one nice thing about Musescore is that when you have separate Voices, using the arrow keys to move the selection from one note to the left and right stays within the Voice on that staff. So that's nice. So I'm just going through and hitting the arrow key and the 'Small' checkbox to get all these notes looking correct. But, that still leaves me with the issue of not being able to select all these notes and change the overall velocity by -40. Perhaps there's a way to select all notes for a given Voice.

Unmute all of the notes unless there are some songs you don't want unmuted. To do this, press ctrl+a to select everything, then click notes in the inspector, then click the Play check box (slowly) until it is checked and the color of the text changes to black.

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