MuseScore hangs on startup

• Sep 21, 2020 - 02:57

MuseScore 3 was working fine on my computer. Now it keeps hanging on the startup screen. I went to the task manager and looked at the wait chain and discovered it was spoolsv.exe that was causing the problem. However, I don't understand why. The printer is working in other programs, and Windows says it is functioning properly. I killed the spoolsv process, and MuseScore 3 started up, but I shouldn't have to keep killing it. I will also eventually need to print and won't want it disabled.


You'll likely get to the MuseScore window if you just wait (and I do mean Wait with a capital W).

For me, after having connected with the work VPN and disconnected again, launching MuseScore can easily take over 8mins because it tries to read the paper size of the default printer. It seems that sometimes the windows print service (spoolsv.exe) goes into a very long wait loop before it determines the printer isn't there anymore and relies that answer/information back to MuseScore.

So next time, just wait it out and see how long it takes..

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